From the beginning…

Imagine you were looking through your parents High School yearbook.  While gawking at the ridiculous haircuts and hilarious fashions , you noticed something strange; everywhere their names should have been written, somebody erased them and wrote strange things in their place.  Who would do such a thing!

Your fathers name was frequently replaced with the word “dude,” but the bigger insult is that in most places his name was replaced with his rival’s name – let’s call him “Chet.”  Your dad and Chet did not get along, in fact your father would recall how “Chet” would often steal his girlfriends.  Your Dad had no love for “Chet.”

Your mother’s name was replaced with other names completely!  Her name, Darcy, was replaced with the names “Colton,” “Delaney,” “Donovan,” “Leila,” and “Sullivan.”  You look it up and find out that all of those names have the same meaning, “dark,” but that is not your mom’s name!

Why would somebody do such a thing?  Did they hate your parents?  Were they jealous of them?  Maybe their friends were playing a joke on them?  Whatever the reason, it is not right that in a book about their lives that their names are forgotten and changed.

While this seems like a situation that probably never would happen, it did.  As a matter of fact, it happened twice – and to the 2 most important names in existence.  The name of the Father and the name of the Son.

The Father

The Son

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