His name is Jesus Christ

“But my Pastor says that his name is Jesus Christ.”

If you went back in a time machine to, say, the year 30 AD (give or take a few years) and said that you were looking for the man called “Jesus Christ,” you would get some blank stares and confused looks.

1) The name “Jesus” did not exist until the 1600’s.  It is an English translation of a Latin copy of a Greek corruption of the Hebrew name “Yahushua.”  The man you are looking for is a Hebrew man named Yahushua.  If you have not had a chance, read my section about the name of the son of YHWH.

2) Christ was not his last name.  Most people were referred to by either who their father was or where they were from.  Yahushua was often referred to a “Yahushua of Nazareth (a town in Galilee where he lived),” “Yahushua the Galilean,” “Yahushua son of Yosef.”

3) “Christ” is a Greek word that has a meaning similar to the Hebrew word “Mashiyach.”  Most of the people running around in the neighbourhoods where Yahushua taught did not speak Greek – in fact, some of their religious leaders specifically taught them to not learn Greek.  His followers did not call him “Christ.”  To them he was the Mashiyach, the anointed one, or chosen one.

Jesus Christ is not and was not his name.  He was Yahushua of Nazareth, the son of Yosef, the anointed/chosen one.  His followers would have said “Yahushua ha’Mashiyach,” Yahushua the anointed/chosen one.