Jesus is the English translation of Yahushua

But my Pastor says…

“Yahushua is a Hebrew name, but I speak English.  His name in English is Jesus, so that’s what I will call him.”

Yahushua is a Hebrew name.  In fact Moses’ successor Yahushua the son of Nun has a whole book of the Bible named after him.  In English Bibles, his name is changed to “Joshua.”

What is strange is that this is not a practice that we use today (changing peoples names).  When we talk about former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, we say Boris Yeltsin.  That is his name in Russian and English!  Names don’t translate.  We try to make the sounds of one’s name as best we can.  African Singer Toumani Diabate has the same name in English or Bambara.  Spanish actor Antonio Banderas has the same name here as he does in Japan or the UAE.

What is sad is that demons and idols have their names perfectly transfered sound by sound, yet Yahushuas name is changed to Jesus!  Baal-Gad, Ishtar, Satan, Ashtoreth, Tammuz, Molech… these are a few Hebrew names of false mighty one’s whose names are faithfully copied sound by sound.  Their names are all over your Bible.  Their HEBREW names.

If your Pastor says that Yahushua is his Hebrew name, and that they don’t speak Hebrew, point out the names of these evil ones.  Your Pastor says Hebrew names all of the time.  They refuse to say the name that all are to be saved by (Yahushua), but are happy to say the names of other mighty ones.