If somebody says something once, you might forget it.  Twice, you have better chances of remembering.  It has been said that it takes humans 7 repetitions before a concept sticks.

The name YHWH appears at least 6,519 times in the ancient documents we translate our modern bibles from!  Just by the very nature of the repetition of his name, he wants us to know that it is important!

Important questions to ask yourself… If his name is so important (as evidenced by how often he told us what it is), why is his name not everywhere?  Why aren’t preachers telling everybody his name?  Why is this website one of the first places you have heard his name?  When was the last time you heard the name of YHWH at church (if you go)?  Or synagogue (if you go)?  When was the last time the Christian radio station you listen to talked about or used his name?

YHWH is the name of the creator!  He breathed the scriptures into being!  He WANTS us to know his name!  He WANTS us to call on his name!  Don’t call upon ‘the LORD’, call upon YHWH!


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